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12 keys to getting more from the job you already have

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut at work… but just not willing to get into job-hunting? It’s about the worst way to live your work life, isn’t it… but what if there were a few more opportunities and a few steps you could take, to get more from the job you already have?

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What are we actually promoting?

We’re trying to spread the idea that in every dead end, there are possibilities.
85% of people don’t like their jobs, so why don’t they quit and find something better?
Well, that’s just it, isn’t it? Quitting is very difficult, especially when you’ll probably never meet the “friends” you make at work unless you stay there; and at least you know what you’re in for every day. Besides, we’re kind of conditioned to “not be quitters”.
Here’s the thing: if you decide to make your existing job better, you will grow, personally, regardless of the result.
If you take steps to make a difference, you will enjoy your work more but also, you’ll learn more, and you can take that anywhere you go.
You need to know what you want – that’s the first principle. You can’t blame the GPS for getting you lost if you buy it to get you to the right place…. but never enter your destination.
You applied for your job to get yourself where you wanted to go… but did you ever decide where you wanted to go?
You need to take time for self-management, at least an hour or two a week. The first task is deciding where you want to go.
I’ve been in various jobs for over 25 years now, and this is the most important principle. There are 11 others, and you’re welcome to them.